Press Releases Launches New Site and Online Tool to Diagnose Common Car Ailments

New Survey Reveals 90 Percent of Drivers Think They’re Properly Maintaining Their Car – Less Than 25 Percent Actually Take Crucial Maintenance Actions

SAN FRANCISCO August 25, 2009 –, the first and only website dedicated to the car owner, today unveiled a new consumer site featuring a series of tools to help drivers keep their cars healthy and on the road. With over four in five (82 percent) US car owners now keeping their cars longer than originally planned1, proper car maintenance has never been more important. And, though 90 percent of Americans with cars think they do everything they should to keep their vehicle in ship shape, the reality is that as few as 16 percent follow some of the basics of proactive maintenance2.

“A hundred dollars spent in proactive car care can save drivers thousands in repair costs down the road,“ said Jad Dunning, CEO of “Our site is designed to be a resource for car owners who want to keep their cars running and in good condition, but need a little help along the way. We save drivers both time and money through every step of car ownerships, from purchase to repairs, insurance to accessories.”
Think You’re a Good Car Owner? You’re Probably Wrong.
According to a recent Research study, the American public is very confident about their ability to maintain a vehicle. Ninety percent assert that they do everything they should to properly maintain their vehicles, but when questioned further, the study shows car owners are very rusty at some basic car care duties. After reviewing the findings of the study, DriverSide editor-in-chief Jon Guzik estimates far fewer car owners are actually doing everything they should to keep their cars on the road.

“A car is like a teenager. It’s generally capable of keeping itself going, but if you leave it on its own for too long, it’s bound to get into some trouble,” said Guzik. “When I look at the results of this study, I’m really concerned about the youth of America.”

For example, less than half of American car owners are following the most basic guideline of car maintenance; just 41 percent of respondents indicated they are carefully following their manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Other key findings include:
  • Less than one in four (23 percent) are willing to work with their mechanics to develop a maintenance plan for their cars
  • Less than one-third (31 percent) protect their vehicle exterior with a coat of wax, and only 16 percent quickly repair potentially hazardous scratches and dents
The problem can be more pronounced among women. Only 37 percent of women (vs. 46 percent of men) follow their manufacturer’s service schedule.
What the $%&# is That?!
Is that foul odor a sign my air conditioning is dying? Does that piercing squeal mean it’s time for new brakes? How much will these repairs cost? No idea? No problem. Today DriverSide unveiled its Diagnostic Tool, the first-of-its-kind online diagnostic tool that helps the average car owner identify and solve common car ailments. Whether it’s an easy self service fix or a matter for a mechanic, DriverSide will provide a step-by-step approach to solve any problem. Here is how it works:
  • Owners start their diagnosis by choosing whether the problem is one that they see, smell, hear or feel, or by running a basic search for their symptoms
  • DriverSide asks a series of symptom-specific questions to determine the root cause
  • Once the site diagnoses the problem, it offers advice for how to fix the problem, including ‘how to’ videos. If the problem requires professional work, DriverSide will recommend local mechanics and tell the user how much they should pay for the service
  • In instances where the site cannot determine the problem, it will automatically send the user’s information to one of DriverSide’s staff mechanics who will review the symptoms and respond to the user directly, free of charge
The Diagnostic Tool is the latest in DriverSide’s toolbox of valuable features for car owners. The most popular features include:
  • Repair Estimates: Tired of wondering if your mechanic is giving you a fair quote? DriverSide’s Repair Estimates provide a local estimate -- specific to the car’s make and model -- for hundreds of vehicle-specific repairs.
  • Ask a Mechanic: This free feature allows car owners to ask DriverSide’s panel of certified mechanics questions about their vehicles at no cost. DriverSide mechanics respond to users within 48 hours with a detailed response to their question.
  • Alerts: Once a user registers a vehicle with DriverSide, the site will automatically notify the user when the manufacturer issues a recall or the car needs a scheduled service.
  • Find a Mechanic: Choose local mechanics based on your make and model and user-contributed ratings and reviews.
All of DriverSide’s features are designed to help car owners easily maintain their vehicle, at a minimal cost.
About DriverSide
Recognized by CNET as the best site to use to maintain your vehicle, is the first Web site specifically designed for automobile owners. DriverSide allows consumers to save money on servicing and maintenance costs as well as buy and sell automobiles. DriverSide’s in-house editorial staff offers useful advice on how to own and operate a vehicle as well as new and used auto reviews. The site’s community features allow consumers to participate in forums, meet other owners of a particular vehicle, share knowledge, and post reviews on mechanics and dealers..

DriverSide was founded in fall 2007 by Internet Entrepreneurs Trevor Traina, Adam Jackson, and Jad Dunning. The company is funded by Catamount Ventures and Allegis Capital. For more information, go to

1 According to a Research February 2009 survey of 893 national representative car owners, 18 or over

1 According to a Research July 2009 survey of 845 national representative car owners, 18 or over


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