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shanna9428's Garage

2010 Kia Forte Koup SX 2dr Coupe Man


2012-10-23 21:15:43
Love this car!   . . . . .   
This is a great little car. I've kept up with the proper maintenance and no problems at all. Had it for 2 years and
30,000 miles and only normal wear and tear items. Vehicle has never had an alignment and tires wear properly. No check
engine light or other warning lights. Only issue was the driver side window electrical problem which was temporarily
fixed. My technician said that it looked like a lot of water got into the door panel, rusted some metal and also
affected the electrical. Wonderful car otherwise! (At least it wasn't a regulator... yet).

Questions & Answers

A: Windows don't go down sometimes?

Thanks, that makes perfect sense. The safety switch is not on when I do this.

Mechanic Q: Windows don't go down sometimes?

Sometimes my power windows won't go down, and if I press the driver side button, I hear clicking, but not with the other buttons. Sometimes they will work fine so it's intermittent. Do Kia's have a known electrical/window problem?